Garlic, High Potency SynerPro

  • Supports the immune system 
  • Supports the circulatory system 

Why Our High Potency Garlic?  

Providing the equivalent of an entire clove’s worth of garlic in each tablet, High Potency Garlic blows away the competition…and not with bad breath. Our unique chlorophyllin-containing enteric coating ensures the tablet breaks down in the intestines, giving you the full nutritional value without the undesirable taste or odor.  

Key Ingredients

Garlic Bulb
SynerPro Blend
The Story behind Garlic. Garlic’s first mainstream appearance came well before Bram Stoker used it to ward off vampires in the classic Dracula. Referenced in the ancient medical texts of Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and India, garlic has been a mainstay of herbal practitioners for thousands of years. What’s even more interesting is that many of these cultures did not have contact with the others, yet garlic’s efficacy and prominence as a natural immune support was touted in all of them. Today, modern science is confirming these ancient beliefs while defining how garlic works and exploring the many possibilities this potent plant offers. Allicin, garlic’s principle active compound, has been linked to numerous health benefits, and garlic has been shown to support, and even enhance, healthy circulation and immune function.

Garlic bulb, broccoli flowers, turmeric root, red beet root, rosemary leaves, carrot root, tomato fruit, cabbage leaves, orange, grapefruit, and hesperidin bioflavonoid extracts, and chlorophyllin enteric coating.


Adults: Take 1 tablet with a meal once or twice daily. Children: Take 1/2 tablet with a meal once or twice daily.

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