Gastro Health Concentrate

  • Helps relieve occasional stomach distress 
  • Supports the digestive and intestinal systems 
  • May help the body support healthy microflora 

Why Gastro Health? 

Decades ago, Nature’s Sunshine product innovators set out to create a novel, botanical formula that would provide targeted digestive system supportAfter testing hundreds of herbs in the labour product designers settled on a unique formulation. Gastro Health features the immune-supporting benefits of pau d’arco bark. Because of overharvesting, these trees are a protected species in Brazil. To preserve this herbal wonder for future generations, we work with experienced, native partners to ensure that the inner bark material is carefulland legally acquired.It’s also non-GMO project verified. 

Key Ingredients

Licorice Root Extract
Clove Flower Extract
Indian Elecampane Root Extract
The Story behind Gastro Health. Ancient Greeks and Romans used licorice root for health benefits. Traditional Chinese Medicines relied on licorice to provide respiratory, digestive and reproductive system support. Pau d’arco’s dense, rot-resistant wood makes excellent hunting bows and building material. According to records, it was used by the Incas, the Kallawayas and other native South American groups for its many healing properties. Its Latin name Tabebuia heptaphylla led to the nickname taheebo, and many people from the region are familiar with taheebo tea. Clove flowers grow on tropical evergreen trees in Indonesia, Madagascar and Tanzania. They have a history of traditional use and are linked with oral health. Greeks and Romans used elecampane for a number of things including digestive and respiratory concerns. Hippocrates advocated it for the kidneys, brain, uterus and stomach. Roman author, naturalist and military commander Pliny said that eating elecampane daily would “help digestion and cause mirth.” And we can all use a little more mirth.

Deglycyrrhizinated licorice root extract, pau d’arco bark extract, clove flower extract, Indian elecampane root extract and capsicum fruit.


Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily, plus 2 capsules at bedtime with a glass of water.

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