• Respiratory system support
  • Quercetin may impact the effects of seasonal irritants and pollutants
  • May support healthy airway passages

Why Our HistaBlock? 

HistaBlock stands out for two compelling reasons: 

  1. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each ingredient strengthens this blend. Nettle has a long history of supporting respiratory health. Bitter orange adds other nutrients for helpful support. Quercetin fights free radicals and supports respiratory health. And bromelain helps maintain clear nasal passages.  
  1. HistaBlock nettle grows wild in the Albanian mountains. Our partner there has a specially trained team that carefully traverses the hills, collecting these precious leaves while protecting the biodiversity of the regionThey ensure crop sustainability by closely monitoring the harvest and proudly employ women in positions throughout the company. 


Key Ingredients

Nettle leaves
Bitter Orange fruit
Want more “hista-ry”? Nearly 3,000 years ago, people living in the area of Denmark used cloth made from nettle to wrap their deceased relatives. Much more recently, nettle fiber was used in the making of uniforms for German soldiers during World War I. Today it grows all over the globe, even in remote places like Hawaii, Taiwan and the Canary Islands. Apparently, nettle fans brought their crop with them wherever they went. Interestingly, the medical term urticaria (commonly called hives) is a close derivative of the Latin name for nettle, Urtica dioica. And, did you know that the nettle plant can help alleviate the very skin reaction it causes? Making a tea of nettle root to wash irritated skin can offer immense relief to the affected area. Leave it to nature to offer up a quick herbal solution! Don’t get “stung” by respiratory challenges. Support them with HistaBlock…only from Nature’s Sunshine.

Nettle leaves, quercetin, Bitter orange fruit and bromelain.


Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily.

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