• Supports healthy circulatory function.
  • Provides trace amounts of iron from herbal sources.
  • Helps support blood’s ability to carry oxygen.

Why Our I-X?

Our vegan raspberry leaves are wild harvested in the Albanian mountains where experienced collectors know the plants and wildlife very well. Their understanding ensures they gather the leaves at the best time for the highest potency using only sustainable methods. Many families take pride in the great tradition of wild plant collection and want to share it with the next generation of harvesters. And better ingredients mean a better product, so you can continue to feel the power of nature.

Key Ingredients

Red Beet Root
Red Raspberry Leaves
The Story behind I-X Native to Asia, Red Raspberries were brought to North America during the prehistoric era. Cultivated by the Romans in the 4th century, Red Raspberries were prized for their color and taste, as well as their ability to help soothe nausea. Similarly, King Edward I of Britain saw the need to grow this lush crop in the 13th century. In just a few years, British gardens were rich with berry bushes and many individuals used this bright fruit ease digestive complaints. In North America, Native Americans were already employing the benefits of Red Raspberries when the Europeans arrived. Believed to have strong protective powers against unwanted spirits, Native Americans used the red raspberry leaves to create protective and nourishing teas.

Red beet root, yellow dock root, red raspberry leaves, chickweed aerial parts, burdock root, nettle leaves and mullein leaves.


Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily.

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