Seasonal Defense

  • Helps you maintain optimal health during seasonal changes 
  • Provides traditional support for mucous membranes 

Why Our Formula? 

One important reason is our fabulous andrographis. Our particular partner ensures a consistent standard of quality by selecting the very best growing regions in India with fertile black soil. High in iron and lime, black soil retains moisture, which conserves water. It also creates high yield. They also plant and harvest by hand and add organic compostBut wait, there’s more. The majority of their manufacturing power comes from hydro and solar energy sourcesAnd our vendor employlocal workers who enjoy meals, gym privileges and nursery facilities.  

Key Ingredients

Thyme Leaf
The Story behind Seasonal Defense Nature’s Sunshine introduced Seasonal Defense in the fall of 2003. But these fabulous ingredients were part of a healing culture long before that… Andrographis has been used for centuries in Asia, Africa and America for immune, digestive and circulatory support. Historically it was also used for snake bites, insect stings, and for digestive and respiratory issues. Thyme is native to the Mediterranean region, and Romans were known to eat it to ward off food poisoning. Before the onset of refrigeration, people regularly cooked with thyme to help protect against spoilage. According to research, the active constituent thymol provides antioxidant and immune-modulatory benefits. Chinese practitioners were using eleuthero more than 2,000 years ago for respiratory and immune support, concentration, memory, and to build energy and longevity.

How it Works

This unique herbal combination contains Andrographis, which is an immune and respiratory system-supporting agent. When taken during seasonal changes, the ingredients in Seasonal Defense may support mucous membranes and help the body maintain optimal health

Recommended Use

Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.


Andrographis paniculata whole plant extract, thyme leaves, bitter orange fruit, eleuthero root and oregano leaves.

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