Share Your Sunshine!

Celebrating Those Who Lead the Way

The Meaning of Success

Success may mean something different for everyone, but every definition boils down to one thing—achievement. Regardless of an individual’s definition of success, recognizing accomplishment encourages those who succeed—as well as others—to achieve more. So we want to shine a light on those who successfully share the healing power of nature with the world.

Luis Santamaria

I’m a second generation Nature’s Sunshine Consultant. I was introduced to NSP and its wonderful products by my hero, my Mom. She has been an NSP champion for many years, helping countless people on their journey to wellness. I learned from the best. I admire everything she did and how she worked hard to earn a great living and was able to travel the world. I told myself that one day I want to be able to do what she has done.

Well today is the day! With the help of our great leadership teams and our local leaders, I now help and serve others on their path to health and wellness.

In my five short years with NSP, I’ve become an herb specialist, practitioner and a master-certified coach. And I use these tools to help others achieve their health, life and business goals. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some amazing destinations with Nature’s Sunshine in these past few years, and now I regularly travel to train and develop leaders in the US and in other parts of the world.

My passion for natural health and desire to serve others with personal development have led me to cross paths with great coaches and mentors like Mauricio Benoist, Anthony Robbins and Tiffany Peterson. They have all helped me develop and have changed my mindset from a fixed mindset to a Service/Gratitude/Builder/Grower mindset. In the spirit of gratitude and giving back, I’ve created a daily class to help others learn about the wonders of herbs. We also work on goal setting and living in gratitude. I run monthly activities with clients and consultants where I offer free coaching and personalized services. Everywhere I go, I share my testimony and share the beauty of Nature’s Sunshine.

Everyone needs what we have…superior products and a great training and mentoring program. We are a group of solution providers. I can’t say enough why I love Nature’s Sunshine, but I hope you will join me on this great journey.

Jenifer Laman

Recognizing the importance of strong foundations, I have continued to pave the way for my success—and my dreams—alongside Nature’s Sunshine.

I began my health and wellness journey with the support of Nature’s Sunshine and their incredible supplements. At first, I was unsure of my ability to succeed since I had no previous experience in the industry. However, I received endless support and motivation from my sponsor and team. This led to a strengthened community focused on bettering health and sharing the gift of nature with those around us.

The following years continued to build success and achievement in my life. I was able to experience many things I had only dreamed of, including traveling to new places, supporting my children in their education, and finding financial independence. It was liberating!

With the help of Nature’s Sunshine, I have made my dreams a reality—and you can too! Don’t stop dreaming. Instead, set goals, maintain discipline, and know you’re working towards living your dreams every single day.

Carlos Medina

Throughout my life, I’ve valued the inspiration and motivation that a true leader can provide. A valuable leader paves the way forward, using their example to set the standard for success. Nature’s Sunshine has enabled me to step up into this limelight, ensuring that I achieve great things while also supporting my team to do the same.

I joined Nature’s Sunshine during 2019, eagerly embracing the world of natural wellness. I recognized that there was a real future with this incredible company, one that was filled with opportunities for growth, networking, and success. Over the years, I have dedicated myself to this journey, ensuring to take new steps forward every day to achieve my goals.

It is my passion to inspire and support my team, actively engaging in all aspects of my business. I will continue to lead my team by example, paving the way for others to achieve personal results alongside Nature’s Sunshine.

Briza Cano

My name is Briza Cano. About 9 years ago I experienced some health challenges. Nature’s Sunshine products were recommended to me, and the quality and potency of these products has always impressed me. I soon began to feel better.

After my health improved, my life took an unexpected turn as my curiosity about natural health increased. I started taking health classes, became a health coach and recommended Nature’s Sunshine to others.

Nature’s Sunshine has changed all aspects of my life. By sharing the products and advancing in rank, I’ve earned recognition, awards and trips to different parts of the world. My family enjoys a healthier lifestyle. And my husband and I work together to help people with their health needs—just like I was helped.

Our mission is to help people accomplish their health goals through Nature’s Sunshine products!

Kimberly Cassidy

As a Traditional Naturopath, I’ve always had a passion for better health education and life fulfillment. When it comes to personal situations, I want to ensure that everyone has the means to succeed and feel better within their own bodies. I’m always striving to make sure that each of my team members and clients have the tools they need to achieve their goals.

One of the ways I’ve accomplished this was to digitize my platform and update my marketing. This created ease of access and convenience for everyone. I was available to host personalized Zoom meetings where I could help clients walk through their online ordering and explain all the benefits of their specific selections. In doing so, I formed a unique community that built and supported each other.

With the help of Nature’s Sunshine, I will always be dedicated to strengthening the knowledge of my clients, maintaining a mindset for growth and thirst for knowledge.