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Earn a $20 SHINE Bonus when a New Sign-Up places a SmartStart Order!

It's time to RISE & SHINE! Building your business has never been more rewarding! Now through June 30, you can earn an additional $20 cash bonus when new sign-ups place a SmartStart order (100QV+)! That's in addition to the 30-40% SmartStart bonus you already earn!

Here is how it works! When you sign-up 2 (or more) new members that place a SmartStart order (100+ QV) above what you did in June 2016, you earn an additional $20 bonus for each new sign-up order! It can add up fast!

+2 = $40
+3 = $60
+5= $100! (you get the idea!) *No limit!

Remember this is $20 ABOVE what you already earn! Please review email to determine your June 2016 base goal.

Let's look at an example!

Jan is on our Legacy plan. Last June she signed up 1 new member with a SmartStart order. This June she signs up 4 new people who each place SmartStart orders (100 QV+). Jan would earn:

$160 (4 x $40) in SmartStart Bonuses
$60 (3 over base x $20) in RISE & $HINE Bonuses
For a TOTAL of $220!

Rise and $HINE. Start sharing the Sunshine today!


  • To qualify, you must have more than two sign-ups who place Smart Start orders in June 2017 than you did in June 2016.
  • Sign-ups with Smart Start orders must occur from June 1-30, 2017 to be eligible.
  • Bonus will be applied to July bonus run.
  • QV transfers are ineligible.
  • For the purposes of this promotion, the finder, not the sponsor, will receive the promotional credit.
  • SmartStart Bonus may differ depending on the Legacy or Classic Comp Plan.
  • *Spanish Accounts are eligible for this promotion. However, due to the 1010 Promotion, Spanish accounts cannot earn more than $200 in Rise & $hine bonuses.