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Show Us How You SHINE

Earn I-Inspire Points and Product Credit with SHINE ON in May!

Nature's Sunshine has been in business for 45 years because we SHINE ON! We share the gift of health and happiness with everyone we meet!

SHINE with us by holding your own SHINE ON event!

A SHINE ON event happens when you gather at least 5 people and share Nature's Sunshine! This can be an Herbal Hour, a home meeting, an IN.FORM or Essential Oils class, or another type of meeting! Just gather together and SHINE ON! Take a picture of your event with your guests, and include a Nature's Sunshine product in the image. Earn 20 I-Inspire points and have a chance to win $50 in product credit for holding your own SHINE ON event!

How to Claim Your Prize

Submit your photo by clicking the button below or emailing it to Include your full name and account number. For your first submission, you will receive:

  • 20 I-Inspire points*
  • A chance to win $50 PRODUCT CREDIT! We'll choose 5 winners each week and share their SHINE ON meeting photos on social media.
  • Be sure to post your picture on social media with #NSPSHINE (not required, but encouraged!)

Earn Even MORE by Sharing your SHINE!

You can earn additional I-Inspire points anytime you submit a SHINE ON moment throughout the month of May! A SHINE ON moment is anytime you share Nature's Sunshine. It could be at a coffee shop with a friend, at a meeting, in groups or one-on-one. Share the sunshine, and submit your photo (with your NSP account number) to earn:

  • 5 I-Inspire points*
  • A chance to win $50 PRODUCT CREDIT!

The more you SHINE, the more chances to win! Have fun and SHINE ON!

My SHINE ON event date: ____________

5 people I will invite:

I commit to SHINE ON by sharing my light with others.

(printable version)

*For first picture submission, qualifier will receive 20 I-Inspire points. Every subsequent picture submission will result in an award of 5 I-Inspire points.

*Promotion ends May 31, 2017. Limit of 50 I-Inspire points per month per account.

*I-Inspire points will be awarded the following month

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