Smart Start Promotion

Smart Start Promotion

Super SmartStart
We’re Paying out 70% during our Biggest Recruiting Promotion Ever!

We just extended our most lucrative sponsoring promotion of ALL TIME! Make sure you maximize your earnings this month by bringing more people into your group. You’ll get huge rewards!

For every new person you sponsor during this promotion, you’ll get a 50% cash bonus on his/her order of 100-299.99 QV. And bonuses go to the upline too! That’s a 70% SmartStart bonus payout! Everybody wins!


  • 50% Bonus – Sponsor/Finder
  • 10% Bonus – Direct Upline
  • 5% Bonus – 2nd Upline
  • 5% Bonus – 3rd Upline

Join the health revolution! Sign up new members before April 30, 2019, and you’ll take part in the greatest blast of Sunshine the world has ever seen!

Maximize Your Earnings with Health to Home

Hold Health to Home events during this time to sponsor new people and:

  • Get up to 150 Sunshine Points per month plus credit toward the H2H quarterly swag prizes and our Vegas Convention VIP experience—an extra night at the Paris hotel, a special Vegas race car activity, VIP treatment, plus $500 cash!
  • Receive huge Super SmartStart cash bonuses
  • Earn points towards qualifying for I-Inspire 2020 trips!

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Here’s an illustration…

Maria holds 4 H2H qualified events in March. She sponsored a total of 10 people with 100 QV each. Maria will receive:

  • 150 Sunshine Points for her H2H recruits
  • $500 with the Super SmartStart promotion
  • 100 I-Inspire points towards earning the trip to Playa del Carmen and our convention in San Antonio!

Whether you’re Classic or Legacy… Manager or Member… Retail, Practitioner, Networker or novice… YOU can utilize this ultra-rewarding promotion to expand your enterprise and pump up your paycheck! Then share your story and let the world know your passion for health.

Share, Sponsor and Grow Today!

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