Car Allowance Program

Car Program

The rules are quite simple:

To qualify for the Car Program, participants must be paid as a Regional Manager or higher each month. Car allowance will be included in the bonus payment based on the following table and is paid according to the “paid at” rank each month.

Regional Manager $250
Divisional Manager $400
Sr. Divisional Manager $550
National Manager $700
Sr. National Manager $850
Global Elite Manager $1,000

1. After you purchase/lease your new car and send us a copy of the contract, you will receive your monthly car allowance as long as you are paid as a Regional Manager or above.

2. You choose the vehicle make and model. The car must be less than 60 months/5 years of age.

3. If your rank drops below Regional Manager in any month, you will not receive an allowance for that month. We recommend that you keep a current purchase/lease contract on file with us even if you drop below Regional Manager level. This will allow you to receive your car payment again as soon as your rank comes back up.

4. No payments will be made until NSP has a valid purchase/lease agreement (car contract) on file.

5. Your car allowance will be added to your monthly bonus check until the vehicle reaches 60 months of age. In order to continue receiving an allowance, you will need to send us a purchase or lease agreement for a new vehicle before your existing one passes the 60-month mark. We will send you a reminder letter approximately 3 months prior to the 60th month.

6. Once you have your new car, please fax the contract to 1-801-723-1303, Attention: Leadership Support Services. The name on your car contract must match the NSP account holder’s name. Email with any questions, or call 1-800-833-4143.


  • You are responsible for ALL insurance, licensing, maintenance and expenses related to the operation of your vehicle.
  • NSP does not issue “back pay” for payments missed due to a lapsed car contract. It is the responsibility of the account holder/car owner/leaseholder to keep a current contract on file with NSP.
  • If a car program participant sells the qualifying car or terminates the lease, he/she must notify NSP Home Office within 10 days. No car allowance payment will be made in the month in which a car is sold unless a new purchase or lease agreement is submitted prior to the end of such month.
  • All car program payments are considered income to the Manager and will be reported on the Manager’s federal IRS 1099 tax form from NSP.

Now that you are familiar with all of the requirements, go out and reward yourself with a new car!

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