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Health to Your Home

Health to Home

We’re sharing the message of better health all across America, teaching people about herbs, toxins, the amazing gut microbiome and more. Join us as we help people learn how to improve their health with better lifestyle choices and premium-quality NSP supplements. Be part of the movement!

What is Health to Home?

The Health to Home program provides a simple way for you to share the power of Nature’s Sunshine products in an easy-to-follow and duplicable format. Health to Home events take place in the homes of friends and neighbors, a casual setting where you can share your experience, suggest helpful products and answer questions. Through this program, you promote health and wellness, find new customers and distributors, and increase your sales. It all culminates in maximum health outcomes for everyone and greater business success!

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Health to Home Presenter Incentives (January - February)

  • Hold one qualified event and get 10 Sunshine Points
  • Hold two qualified events and get 25 Sunshine Points
  • Hold four qualified events and get 50 Sunshine Points

Health to Home Host* Incentives (January - February)

  • 20 Sunshine Points for over 250 QV in sales
  • 50 Sunshine Points for over 500^ QV in sales
  • 125 Sunshine Points for over 1,000^ QV in sales
  • 200 Sunshine Points for over 1,500^ QV in sales
  • Receive 15 points for just hosting an event

^Must have a minimum of 250 QV from new sign-ups.
*To be eligible for host incentive Sunshine Points, you must be at distributor level and in good standing. Managers are not eligible for host incentives.

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