Earn March MADNESS Points this Month!

Get TRIPLE rewards on many business-building activities! PLUS Earn NEW exciting ACCELERATOR points!

Our July Baltic Sea cruise promises to be the absolute trip of a lifetime!

Seven days of luxury cruising aboard the Serenade of the Seas…exploring five cities steeped in history, each with a unique cultural flavor and personality: Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Riga.

Regional Manager Gena Swihart attended our Mediterranean Cruise last year with her husband Chris. Here’s what she said about it.

    “I never thought that I would leave my state, let alone see the United States or the world! Now I’m seeing all these different places [with I-Inspire] and it is transforming, it’s awe-inspiring. These trips are life-changing!”


We hope everyone is aiming to attend this amazing experience in July—and our national convention in September! And to help you close the gap on qualification, in March we’re offering:

  • Madness bonus points…as in TRIPLE the normal rewards on many activities!!
  • ACCELERATOR points for high-frequency good habits!
  • NEW ways to earn I-Inspire points!

March MADNESS points and ACCELERATOR points

Your Business-Building Action in March BONUS POINTS (TRIPLE) ACCELERATOR POINTS
SmartStart Sponsoring—New member sign-up with a 100–199.99 QV order 10 30 200 if you sponsor 5.
EXTRA 200 if you sponsor 10+
SmartStart Sponsoring—New member sign-up with a 200–300 QV order 25 75 200 if you sponsor 5.
EXTRA 200 if you sponsor 10+
New Sunshine Rewards enrollments 30 90  
New personally sponsored Manager breakouts 50 150 200 if you break out 5.EXTRA 200 if you break out 10+
Run your first 3 qualified IN.FORM groups as a certified coach 50 150  
Run additional qualified IN.FORM groups AFTER your first three groups 100 300  

NEW ways to earn I-Inspire points!

NEW! Exceed your March 2017 GQV 300 (EXTRA 300 if you exceed it by 10% or more)
NEW! Reactivate a member who hasn’t ordered for six months* 10  

*Member must place an order to be reactivated. Reactivation I-Inspire points will be added to each account within two weeks following the end of each month

NEW! Earn Points with Health-to-Your-Home

Your Activity in March I-Inspire Points Earned ACCELERATOR POINTS
Each qualified Health-to-Your-Home gathering you present  25 200 if you present 5 parties.
EXTRA 200 if you present 10+ parties.
Manager earns points based on at-party product purchases up to 50  

Our successful Health-to-Your-Home promotion has been EXPANDED to include any way you do business.  And remember to use these gatherings to sponsor new members, and you can earn MORE ACCELERATOR points!

Don’t miss out on either of these incredible events!