Rules and Regulations 2019-2020

I-Inspire 2019


1. To be eligible for I-Inspire rewards via I-Inspire points you must:

  • Be one of the top 145 I-Inspire Point earners on the final Leaderboard posted in January 2020.
  • Be Manager rank or higher (non-pending) in December 2019.
  • Exceed your January 2018–December 2018 GQV by 5% or more.
  • Meet or exceed your December 2018 first-level Manager count in December 2019.
  • Have a total of at least 6,000 GQV (an average of 500 GQV/month) from January–December 2019.

2. To be eligible for I-Inspire rewards via Large PQV Growers points you must:

  • Be one of the top 60 I-Inspire Large GQV % growers on the final Leaderboard posted in January 2020.
  • Be Manager rank or higher (non-pending) in December, 2019.
  • Exceed your January–December 2018 PQV (Minimum 120,000).
  • Meet or exceed your December 2018 first level Manager count in December 2019

3. Any Distributor who has ever achieved the rank of Regional Manager or above must attend National Convention in Las Vegas, Nev. (Sept. 5-8, 2019) to be eligible to win the Playa Del Carmen trip per Policies and Procedures, Section 4.16.

4. For qualifying purposes, the first-level Manager count will exclude Managers through QV or Leadership Equivalents.

5. I-Inspire points for new Manager break-outs, reinstates or maintains will be awarded after the close of the month’s bonus run.

6. I-Inspire points for ongoing Sunshine Rewards are granted at the time the Sunshine Rewards points are given for the processed order.

7. The Finder/Sponsor is not required to be on Sunshine Rewards to qualify for I-Inspire points.

8. The “Finder” receives the sponsoring points for qualified sign-ups. If the finder changes during the sign-up month before the bonus run, the new finder will get the I-Inspire points. After the bonus run all points are final.

9. Anyone who becomes a Manager or pends in December 2018 (after the bonus run) will not be eligible to count as a NEW manager breakout or re-instate during the qualification period.

10. Income increase points are calculated by comparing to the same month of the prior year.

11. A maximum of 200 income increase points will be awarded each month.

12. To qualify for awards via I-Inspire points, you must have a minimum total of 6,000 GQV from January–December 2019.This also applies to accounts with no base GQV goal (new accounts) or those with a base goal of less than 6,000 GQV.

13. I-Inspire Rewards are non-transferable. Trip cancellation by Manager/Registered Guest after official confirmation may incur costs to Manager.

14. Nature’s Sunshine will not compensate in cash or kind to qualifiers who are unable to participate in the I-Inspire trip or National Convention.

15. Only U.S. Managers and Members are eligible to qualify for the I-Inspire promotion.

16. Nature’s Sunshine reserves the right to withhold final approval on all awards pending verification of compliance to the promotion rules and regulations and the Policies and Procedures. Participants must be Managers in good standing with the company during the contest period and through their reception of any incentives. Managers found in non-compliance with the company Policies & Procedures contract during the contest period may not participate and will not be eligible for any incentives available under this program. In the event that any activity in violation of the Policies & Procedures contract becomes known after incentives have already been given to a Distributor/Manager, Nature’s Sunshine reserves the right to deduct the cost of the program awards from future commission/rebate payments and take any other action provided for under the Policies & Procedures contract with Nature’s Sunshine.

17. Nature’s Sunshine reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the incentive program and rewards as required.

18. Nature’s Sunshine reserves the right to interpret the rules of the program at its sole discretion.

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