I-Inspire Promotion

I-Inspire 2017

I-Inspire Points = FREE Travel Cash This Quarter!

Our top 200 I-Inspire point earners this quarter (July-Sept.) get FREE travel cash! Keep growing your business, and take advantage of opportunities to earn bonus points. Then “redeem” your points for travel cash for attending 2019 I-Inspire events! Earn $1 travel cash per 25 points.

For example, Jessica earns:

500 I-Inspire points in July
600 I-Inspire points in August
650 I-Inspire points in September
1,750 points in third quarter                1,750/25 = $70

Jessica is entitled to $70 travel cash that she will receive after she attends either the Costa Rica trip or our national convention in Las Vegas next year. We’ll repeat this promotion in the fourth quarter (Oct.-Dec.) where Jessica (and you) can earn additional travel cash toward next year’s I-Inspire events.

It’s a fun way to help fund your travel to Costa Rica or Las Vegas next year. Qualifications run April 1–Dec. 31, 2018.


  • You must be one of our top 200 point earners and have at least 1,500 points in the quarter to qualify.
  • Points are not actually forfeited upon redemption.
  • Limit $100 travel cash per quarter.
  • Cash is awarded after you attend 2019 convention or Costa Rica trip.