I-Inspire Promotion

I-Inspire 2017

I-Inspire Points = FREE Travel Cash This Quarter!

Our top 200 I-Inspire point earners this quarter (Oct-Dec.) get FREE travel cash! Keep growing your business, and take advantage of opportunities to earn bonus points. Then “redeem” your points for travel cash for attending 2019 I-Inspire events! Earn $1 travel cash per 25 points.

For example, Jessica earns:

500 I-Inspire points in October
600 I-Inspire points in November
650 I-Inspire points in December
1,750 points in fourth quarter                1,750/25 = $70

Jessica is entitled to $70 travel cash that she will receive after she attends either the Costa Rica trip or our national convention in Las Vegas next year.

It’s a fun way to help fund your travel to Costa Rica or Las Vegas next year. Qualifications run April 1–Dec. 31, 2018.


  • You must be one of our top 200 point earners and have at least 1,500 points in the quarter to qualify.
  • Points are not actually forfeited upon redemption.
  • Limit $100 travel cash per quarter.
  • Cash is awarded after you attend 2019 convention or Costa Rica trip.