I-Inspire Points

  • The TOP 160 I-Inspire and "eligible" point earners will be awarded a 7-day Western Mediterranean Cruise.
  • The TOP 700 I-Inspire point earners will be awarded convention for 2 people.
  • The next 300 top point earners (spots 701-1000) will be awarded convention for 1 person.
Example: Sue holds spot 50 on the I-Inspire Leaderboard upon the end of qualifications. She has exceeded her 2015 base GQV and has the same number of Managers as she did in December 2015. Sue is also a Manager, so she has earned the trip for 2.

Eligibility/Requirement to attend using the Point Earners Method:

  • Be a Manager in December 2016
  • Meet/exceed your 2015 base GQV
  • Meet/exceed December 2015 first-level Manager count

Earning Points in 2016

Points may be earned for business activity completed throughout the 12-month qualification period.

Earn Points when YOU do the following Points
Become a NEW Manager for the first time in 2016 150
Maintain your NEW Manager rank during 2016 75/month
Increase Your Income– calculated as a running total when compared to 2015 (max. 200 pts./month) 1 point
for every
$2 increase
Earn Points for: Points
Sign-Up who places an order under 100 QV (max. 200 pts./month) 1
SmartStart Sign-ups (min. 100-199.99 QV in sign-up order) 10
NEW SmartStart Sign-ups with 200-300 QV in sign-up order 25
Sunshine Rewards Enrollments (New sign-ups or Existing Members participating for the 1st time) 30
Ongoing Sunshine Rewards Orders placed by 1st time participants in 2016 25
Breaking out a 1st-level Manager for the first time in 2016 75
Reinstating 2016 1st-time Managers in 2016 50
Maintaining your 1st-time Managers in 2016 qualification period 75
Earn Points through IN.FORM* Points
Complete IN.FORM certification for the first time 150
Be a new IN.FORM coach running your first cycle 100 bonus
Be the upline Manager coach to a new 1st-level coach who is running his/her first cycle 75
Run a qualified cycle (each of first 3 cycles) 50/group
Run a qualifed cycle (each cycle after the first 3) 100/group
Receive points for each additional cycle your 1st-level coach starts 50/group