Give the Gift of Health This Year!

With IN.FORM Health-to-Your-Home

Help others bring health into their lives by participating in the IN.FORM Health-to-Your-Home campaign now through March 31, 2018.

Follow These Simple Steps to Participate

Step 1: Coordinate with Your Hosts

Work with past and present IN.FORM participants, friends and family to host a gathering and help them share the digital invitations we'll provide. Your goal is to hold two gatherings per week.

Step 2: Hold Your Gatherings

Use these events to educate attendees on various aspects of the IN.FORM program. Perform BioTracker assessments on attendees, explain the importance of metabolic age as a metric for overall health, and share product samples and testimonials to promote IN.FORM as a path to a healthy metabolic age.

Step 3: Register Your Gatherings

Register your gathering below and submit your meeting roster, order numbers from attendees' completed orders and a group photo to get credit for your meeting.

Register your gathering

Incentivizing Success: Our Gift to You

While some say it's better to give than to receive, we want you to do both! Coaches and hosts will have the opportunity to share better health and earn fabulous rewards by participating in our IN.FORM Health-to-Your-Home event! Additionally, you can use these gatherings to fill your IN.FORM groups for January.

Host Rewards

  • When 7 or more people come to your host’s gathering, he or she will get a FREE INSPIRE Uplifting Essential Oil blend—a $20 value!
  • Your host can also earn FREE products based on orders placed at the meeting:
    • Over $250 in Sales: GOOD Kit: 2 bags of protein powder, IN.FORM Probiotic and IN.FORM Berberine
    • Over $500 in Sales: BETTER Kit: 4 bags of protein powder, IN.FORM Probiotic and IN.FORM Berberine
    • Over $1000 in Sales: BEST Kit: our clinically studied program! (4 bags of protein powder, IN.FORM Probiotic, IN.FORM Berberine plus Cardio Kit)
Host Kit

Coach Rewards

  • Earn 25 I-Inspire points for each event you submit. Receive up to 50 additional I-Inspire points based on event sales.
  • Our Top 5 Coaches* with the most meetings and combined sales will win a trip** to Nature’s Sunshine headquarters for a tour of our manufacturing facility and the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation.
Nature's Sunshine Products

*Minimum requirement: At least 4 meetings and 1,500 QV in sales from attendees.
**Includes airfare and hotel

Shout Out to Our Coaches and Hosts

We appreciate the work you'll put into organizing these events, and we want everyone to know about what you'll accomplish. The registering coach and host of each Health-to-Your-Home gathering will be recognized via Facebook Live events.