Win $500 cash and 500 Sunshine Points!

Tell us about Your Favorite HERB and WIN!

Here’s your chance to be a star in your own mini movie. Make a video that’s less than two minutes long telling us about your favorite herb (and why it’s your fave), and you could win $500 cash and 500 Sunshine Points!


My Favorite Herb—Two MINUTES to Win It 

  • 1st Place $500 cash and 500 Sunshine Points
  • 2nd Place $250 cash and 250 Sunshine Points
  • 3rd Place $125 cash and 125 Sunshine Points

Every single entrant will receive 50 Sunshine Points (equivalent to $50 in product credit).

How to submit your video

  1. Record your video with your phone or digital video camera.
  2. Go to the online entry form to enter your video into the contest
  3. Enter your account information and upload your photo!

Submit Your Video



  • Your video must be about a SINGLE herb (no combinations)
  • Your content must not be false or misleading. Please base it upon recognized science.
  • Do NOT SHOW NSP products in your video
  • Discuss structure/function claims and nutrient content claims. For example: I love how XYZ strengthens the immune system or provides support for the circulatory system. I use XYZ to _____________ and ____________.
  • Do not discuss prescription drugs or make recommendations about discontinuing the use of drugs.
  • Nature’s Sunshine must receive your video by Midnight Thursday, October 13th, 2016.
  • By submitting your video, you give NSP permission to use your video, name, likeness, etc. How to submit your video