Health to Your Home

Health-to-Your-Home Extended through the Summer!

Our Health-to-Your-Home campaign has been so well received, we’ve expanded it!

Now through August you can hold any type of NSP health party/gathering to find new customers, earn rewards and build your business. Health-to-Your-Home provides the perfect opportunity to help friends and neighbors learn about and improve their health. And it’s pretty simple.

  1. Invite friends, family members or other individuals to host a casual gathering in their homes.
  2. Prepare a 30-minute presentation/discussion on the health topic of your choice: focus on IN.FORM, essential oils, Chinese herbs, cleansing, etc.
  3. Lead a friendly discussion about health, and share how quality NSP products have helped you improve your health.
  4. Register your gathering below and submit your meeting roster, order numbers from attendees’ completed orders and a group photo to get credit for your meeting.

Register your gathering

Hosting Incentives

  • When 5 or more new people^ attend your host’s gathering, he/she will receive 15 Sunshine Points ($15 in FREE product)
  • Your host will earn additional Sunshine Points based on points earned at the gathering.
    • Over $250 in Sales → 20 Sunshine Points
    • Over $500 in Sales → 50 Sunshine Points ($50 in FREE product!)
    • Over $1,000 in Sales → 125 Sunshine Points
    • Over $1,500 in Sales → 200 Sunshine Points

^Each new guest may count toward no more than one party. No limit on how many parties a person may host or a manager/coach may present.

For YOU, the Presenter

Earn 25 I-Inspire points for each event you submit.

Health-to-Your-Home Parties are Helping My Business Grow!


“In December I held 13 Health-to-Your-Home parties with friends, family, co-workers, etc. NSP offers great incentives to the host: everyone loves free product! And you need to MAKE IT FUN and informational at the same time! Share info, give out samples and answer questions, but make it a party!

“Now that the holidays are over, people are calling me. I have new clients and contacts coming in, which helps my business grow!! I also see people bringing in friends who want to learn more and sign up! Having a fun Health-to-Your-Home party will allow you to meet many new people.”


—Robin Lang

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