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Get Weekly Referral Bonuses with SmartStart

Every month, thousands of people try our products for the first time. And thousands MORE—like you—receive special weekly referral bonuses from Nature’s Sunshine, just for helping those people open an account and try our products. In fact, these bonuses average $60 for every referral! And, don’t forget: the people you refer are always connected to you—every time they re-purchase, they contribute to your success.

Here’s how easy it is to earn:

Step 1

Come to to create your friend’s FREE new account.

Step 2

Help your friend start their health journey by choosing their supplements. (Note: To qualify for the SmartStart referral bonus, orders must be at least 100 QV, or around $100-110).

Or, send them to a page on our site with the products that you recommend. Get your personalized sharing link

Step 3

Enter your Nature’s Sunshine membership number in the “sponsor” field when prompted during account creation.

Forgot your membership number? Go to your Account Profile to find it.

Step 4: Receive your 30-40% bonus next week, worth $30-120! (Average $60-70)

SmartStart Story

Hannah met up with her 2 best friends, Maria and Chloe, for a Monday lunch. Hannah was just 3 weeks in to her new herbal program from Nature’s Sunshine, and was pretty excited. By the time lunch was over, Hannah had helped both of her friends start their OWN health programs, by getting their own free accounts from Nature’s Sunshine—right from her smartphone. Maria decided to dive right in, choosing the 4-week Purify 2.0 program. Not-only did Maria save a BUNCH of money because of the package discount, but the 40% SmartStart bonus for Hannah was $78!

Chloe knew she wanted better health, but didn’t know where to start. So she decided to take the FREE online Health Assessment. 5 minutes later, she had identified 3 products she really wanted to try, that she felt matched her needs. She even added an Everflex for her tennis-playing husband. With Chloe’s order size of around $140, Hannah’s SmartStart bonus was around $55! Since SmartStart bonuses are paid weekly, on Friday Hannah checked her bank balance and saw that she had an EXTRA $133 that had been direct deposited!

Maria and Chloe both are on new, healthy paths, and Hannah is rewarded for sharing Nature’s Sunshine with new customers. Plus, Hannah continues to benefit every time Maria and Chloe re-purchase. Everybody wins!


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