IN.FORM Weight Loss Challenge Success Stories

Spotlight on some of the past winners of the IN.FORM Weight Loss Challenge



“The last two and a half years I had many life changes and emotional changes that brought me down. I sought an escape with food and alcohol. I tried half-heartedly to lose weight, but I wasn't committed. I had other health issues that caused problems too, but I wasn't listening to my body. One day, Maribel Soto called me to talk about IN.FORM and the group she was starting. I said yes, and this time I was committed.

"I had moments when I wanted to give up, when I couldn't see any changes. But my coach and my teammates helped me through it, and it was worth the effort. I am proud of my accomplishments. My health has improved in so many ways. I am more alert and energetic! I feel great.

"IN.FORM is not just a weight loss program, it's a university that gives us education and provides the necessary tools for a healthy lifestyle. Not only do I look and feel good, I have three new friends! Thanks to my coach, Maribel Soto, for not giving up on me, and for bringing me back once again to the road of good health. You're my guardian angel! Thank you, IN.FORM. Thank you, Nature's Sunshine!"


Challenge Winner



"My wife and I attended the 2016 convention in Dallas. The new Metabolic Age Support System resonated with us, and we purchased 12 kits to last us each for six months. I completed the first three months of the new challenge and found it easier than my original weight loss. I lost 26 pounds in 13 weeks, and my metabolic age dropped 32 years! I love fitting into my clothes and am proud of my appearance again. I have more energy, vibrancy and a better mental outlook. The food plan is outstanding, as are the protein shakes. IN.FORM Probiotic, Berberine and other supplements have rounded out the excellent approach to health and weight loss. I recommend the Metabolic Age Support System to anyone.

"I'm 58, and I decided to set a health goal to live 100 years. While no one is guaranteed tomorrow, I can give my body the building blocks necessary to live the highest quality of life possible. The IN.FORM Metabolic Age Support System provides the knowledge and the plan for such a goal. Thanks to NSP's IN.FORM program, I have a healthier gut, better bowels, stronger body systems and a younger metabolism. I am playing the game of health to win!"


Challenge Winner



"Like many women my age, I have the menopausal fluffy tummy and had just come to accept my rounder figure. I felt like losing weight was just not going to happen. I tried MANY diets and failed.

"When I saw the Education Week IN.FORM webinar, I was so excited about the research that I watched it 3 times that day. This lifestyle/diet has proven results! Learning about the microbiome and how it effects fat burning makes sense to me. So I ordered my kit! Finishing my 13-week challenge was a smooth ride! I love having the metabolic shake every morning and will continue that routine. It really gives me energy and balances my sugar cravings.

"I did IN.FORM on my own for 5 weeks, then studied online to certify as a coach. I started a group right away because I was so excited to share my success. On week 6 when I got my BioTracker, my metabolic age was 61. Now it's 39! I lost a total of 13 pounds and 12 inches with 5 inches off my waist! I also maintained my muscle tone. And the menopausal belly is gone!! 13 pounds is over 10% of my body weight! Now I have to buy all new clothes! Boo hoo, right? My husband joined me on IN.FORM, and he has lost 22 pounds. I love being a part of helping people get healthy. I truly feel blessed."


Challenge Winner