RISE Post-Convention Webinar series

Attend each of the RISE webinar topics and earn BONUS I-Inspire Points!

  • 10 I-Inspire points for attending one RISE webinar topic
  • PLUS 20 bonus points for attending each RISE webinar topic

RISE - The Power of Purify 2.0

Wednesday, September 19th

Dr. Louis Pacheco

The toxic burden of our modern world, together with stress, poor diets and lifestyles disrupts the healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, causing poor health. Purify 2.0 is the answer! Learn more about this amazing program featuring the all new Ultra Biome DTX and Rejuvenaid products!

RISE – Be More with Rejuvenaid

Thursday, September 20th

Dr. Kevin Spelman

Rejuvenaid’s dual pathway system provides maximum Nitric Oxide production so you can DO MORE. BE MORE. GET MORE. Learn more about this game changing, natural Nitric Oxide generator!

RISE – Bring it Home with Health to Home

Friday, September 21st

Rebecca Treviño

Managers have found success using the Health to Home model to share the message of natural health, bring new customers into their store, new clients into their practice and members into their IN.FORM groups. Now there are additional resources and incentives to build your business with the Health to Home model. Learn how to defend health…one home at a time!

Introducing a new webinar series targeted to how you run your Nature’s Sunshine business!

If your primary focus is as a retailer, an herbalist, an IN.FORM Coach or an Authentic Essential Oils specialist, then we have a webinar for you on Tuesdays! In addition, webinars are focused on breaking down the I-Inspire Program and the Compensation Plan into smaller bites to dig deeper into how to utilize these to build your business are on Thursdays. This will be especially helpful for newer distributors!

This new approach allows you time to absorb the information and apply it to your business, one webinar at a time. Plus, the webinars follow a multi-session series to provide learning in small chunks as part of a continuing series.

Register for the series of your choice or all of them! Click on the link below for the webinar topics for which you are interested, then add them to your calendar:

1st TuesdayIN.FORMRegister
2nd TuesdayOilsRegister
3rd TuesdayRetailRegister
4th TuesdayHerbsRegister
1st ThursdayI-InspireRegister
2nd ThursdayCompensationRegister
3rd ThursdayBusinessRegister
4th ThursdayTeam BuildingRegister


If you have ideas for topics for these webinars, have a success story to share, or any other feedback, please contact Rebecca Treviño, Director of Learning & Development at rebeccat@natr.com or 385-484-1199.

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