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Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel, PhD, IMD, DHS

Toxic Emotions: Aromatherapy for Regaining Happiness

Monday July 10th

Aroma can have a profound effect on us mentally, emotionally and physically. It ties into feelings of joy, sorrow, love, hate and fear. Dr. Jay will answer the question, "What do emotions do to us?" Using essential oils can help you bring balance to your emotions.

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Cindy Klement

Especially for Women: Super Oils for Women's Health

Tuesday July 11th

Cindy will share her top oils for specific women’s health issues to give practitioners ideas on how to integrate Authentic Essential Oils into their natural health repertoire.

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Sylvia Rogers

Keeping it Simple: An Introduction to Daily Oil Use

Wednesday, July 12th

Sylvia opens the door to aromatherapy by covering several uses for essential oils, including a happy day spritzer, pet bed odor remover, a fabulous hair perfume, counter-top cleaning spray, healthy deodorant and more. It's the perfect first step for anyone getting started with essential oils.

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Shahnaz Nensey

Find Your Equilibrium! Rebalance Energy Meridians Using Essential Oils

Thursday, July 13th

First learn the seven meridian points and how they affect your well-being. Then learn how to use essential oils to help balance them. Content is geared for both the beginner and intermediate oil enthusiast.

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Steven Horne AEG

Only the Best Will Do for Your Skin

Friday, July 14th

Discover the SureSource™ Difference, and find out exactly why you only want to use 100% pure Authentic Essential Oils on your skin (and everywhere else)!

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Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel, Ph.D., IMD, DHS

Polyphenols vs. Lectins and How they Benefit Your Health

Monday, June 12

Polyphenols and Lectins. What are they and how do they interplay with our health? These complex molecules are found in most foods and herbs. As with most food, too much of something can be just as bad as not enough of something else. Join Dr. Jay in a discovery of what these compounds are, what they do in the body and how to adjust them in your diet for optimum health! Increase your knowledge of food, supplementation and your sales with this extremely valuable content.

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Robin Cook, Herbalist, IN.FORM Coach, co-author of Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook

Cooking with Sunshine

Tuesday, June 13

Summer is here! Why not add a little "sunshine" to your kitchen? Nature's Sunshine has an array of herbs and products that not only add nutrition but bolster the flavor in your recipes! Learn how to have fun from breakfast to dinner using chlorophyll to curcumin in your cooking! It's time to take your spice rack to a whole new level!

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Judith Cobb: Canadian - Master Herbalist, Certified Iridologist, and Nutritional Consultant Practitioner

Natural Care for Urinary Challenges

Wednesday, June 14

You know the symptoms: urgency, frequency and burning…that desperate "I need a bathroom RIGHT NOW" feeling as your bladder is about to explode, but not because it's full. This webinar gives you what you need to know about caring for your urinary tract, naturally. Learn how to keep your bladder happy and healthy and how to support ongoing urinary system health.

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Cindy Klement, MS, CNS, MCHES

Plastic Toxicity and What to Do about it

Thursday, June 15

In this presentation, Cindy will provide insight as to what phthalates and plastics are used for in industry and where we are exposed to them in everyday living, including occupational exposure and personal exposure through water, food, paper products and personal care products. Learn the deleterious health effects of continuous bodily exposure to these chemicals, and get sound ideas on how to both limit future exposure and detoxify plastic and plasticizers from our bodies.

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Steven Horne, AHG

Lovin' the Skin You're in

Friday, June 16

We may say that beauty is only skin-deep, but subconsciously we are attracted to people with healthy, beautiful skin. Skin problems (like acne, rosacea, spider veins, wrinkles and blotches) may not be life-threatening but they can diminish self-confidence, and they can signal issues with gut health, liver and kidney function, and hormonal balance. Most people try to create healthy skin from the outside with lotions, creams, ointments and other topical products. They don't realize that healthy skin is a reflection of the overall health of the body. Learn how to have more beautiful skin from the inside out as Steven Horne discusses the many functions of this vital body organ. Find out how to keep your skin vibrantly healthy and attractive.

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Matthew Hollist, ND

Achieving Digestive System Balance, from Top to Bottom

Monday, June 19

The old adage is true: you live or die in your digestion. It can be difficult to sort through all of the different functions and nutrient requirements of this complex process as you strive for balance and wholeness. In this presentation, nationally renowned educator Dr. Matt Hollist will break through some of the myths and common misunderstandings associated with digestive balancing. Participants will gain a clear understanding of the different forms and functions of the digestive, assimilation and elimination pathways. Learn more fully how to execute a synergistic supplementation protocol for optimal digestion.

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Spring Cleanse & Detox Week Webinar

After a long winter, we engage in spring cleaning...we might shake out rugs, replace furnace filters, wash windows and spruce up our yards—all in an effort to recover from winter weather and sluggishness.

Your body is no different! Your tox-"sick" body is in desperate need of a spring cleaning as well. In fact, it's vital to tune up your body systems in spring with a detoxifying cleanse. Join us for a special NSP training webinar with cleansing guru Dr. Kristina Barlow to learn:

  • how cleansing recharges your body
  • how specific cleanse ingredients work and which are best for your body type
  • great tips for making your cleanse an amazing experience

Dr. Barlow's application-based training will cover 14-day or 28-day cleansing after a winter of toxic build-up.

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