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Nature's Sunshine presents a foundational Gut Health webinar with natural health guru Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel! Join us for a FREE one-hour training session, and get answers to questions like:

  • What's the role of gut bacteria?
  • How do good and bad gut bacteria influence other body systems?
  • Why is gut health vital to overall health?
  • How do I know if my gut is in trouble and what can I do about it?

This information is available to EVERYONE! That's right, invite your friends and neighbors to hear the facts on this emergent topic! Register now!

Webinar Archives

Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel, Ph.D., IMD, DHS

Polyphenols vs. Lectins and How they Benefit Your Health

Monday, June 12

Polyphenols and Lectins. What are they and how do they interplay with our health? These complex molecules are found in most foods and herbs. As with most food, too much of something can be just as bad as not enough of something else. Join Dr. Jay in a discovery of what these compounds are, what they do in the body and how to adjust them in your diet for optimum health! Increase your knowledge of food, supplementation and your sales with this extremely valuable content.

Webinar Slides 2-up (PDF)

Robin Cook, Herbalist, IN.FORM Coach, co-author of Cook 2 Flourish Cookbook

Cooking with Sunshine

Tuesday, June 13

Summer is here! Why not add a little “sunshine” to your kitchen? Nature’s Sunshine has an array of herbs and products that not only add nutrition but bolster the flavor in your recipes! Learn how to have fun from breakfast to dinner using chlorophyll to curcumin in your cooking! It’s time to take your spice rack to a whole new level!

Webinar Slides 2-up (PDF)

Judith Cobb: Canadian - Master Herbalist, Certified Iridologist, and Nutritional Consultant Practitioner

Natural Care for Urinary Challenges

Wednesday, June 14

You know the symptoms: urgency, frequency and burning…that desperate “I need a bathroom RIGHT NOW” feeling as your bladder is about to explode, but not because it’s full. This webinar gives you what you need to know about caring for your urinary tract, naturally. Learn how to keep your bladder happy and healthy and how to support ongoing urinary system health.

Webinar Slides 2-up (PDF)

Cindy Klement, MS, CNS, MCHES

Plastic Toxicity and What to Do about it

Thursday, June 15

In this presentation, Cindy will provide insight as to what phthalates and plastics are used for in industry and where we are exposed to them in everyday living, including occupational exposure and personal exposure through water, food, paper products and personal care products. Learn the deleterious health effects of continuous bodily exposure to these chemicals, and get sound ideas on how to both limit future exposure and detoxify plastic and plasticizers from our bodies.

Webinar Slides 2-up (PDF)

Steven Horne, AHG

Lovin’ the Skin You’re in

Friday, June 16

We may say that beauty is only skin-deep, but subconsciously we are attracted to people with healthy, beautiful skin. Skin problems (like acne, rosacea, spider veins, wrinkles and blotches) may not be life-threatening but they can diminish self-confidence, and they can signal issues with gut health, liver and kidney function, and hormonal balance. Most people try to create healthy skin from the outside with lotions, creams, ointments and other topical products. They don’t realize that healthy skin is a reflection of the overall health of the body. Learn how to have more beautiful skin from the inside out as Steven Horne discusses the many functions of this vital body organ. Find out how to keep your skin vibrantly healthy and attractive.

Webinar Slides 2-up (PDF)

Matthew Hollist, ND

Achieving Digestive System Balance, from Top to Bottom

Monday, June 19

The old adage is true: you live or die in your digestion. It can be difficult to sort through all of the different functions and nutrient requirements of this complex process as you strive for balance and wholeness. In this presentation, nationally renowned educator Dr. Matt Hollist will break through some of the myths and common misunderstandings associated with digestive balancing. Participants will gain a clear understanding of the different forms and functions of the digestive, assimilation and elimination pathways. Learn more fully how to execute a synergistic supplementation protocol for optimal digestion.

Webinar Slides 2-up (PDF)

Spring Cleanse & Detox Week Webinar

After a long winter, we engage in spring cleaning...we might shake out rugs, replace furnace filters, wash windows and spruce up our yards—all in an effort to recover from winter weather and sluggishness.

Your body is no different! Your tox-"sick" body is in desperate need of a spring cleaning as well. In fact, it's vital to tune up your body systems in spring with a detoxifying cleanse. Join us for a special NSP training webinar with cleansing guru Dr. Kristina Barlow to learn:

  • how cleansing recharges your body
  • how specific cleanse ingredients work and which are best for your body type
  • great tips for making your cleanse an amazing experience

Dr. Barlow's application-based training will cover 14-day or 28-day cleansing after a winter of toxic build-up.

Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Education Week Webinars, Feb. 2017

Cindy Klement

Clean Your Quarry: Natural Approaches for the Gallbladder and Kidneys

Monday, Feb. 13

Adjunct professor Cindy Klement walks you through the health of both the gallbladder and the kidneys. Learn how minerals and other substances can cause serious problems for these two vital organs, and see what you can do to help prevent painful health issues for the digestive and urinary systems going forward.

Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Dr. Matthew Hollist

Valentine, Love Your Heart! Using Natural Health to Overcome Circulatory Challenges

Tuesday, Feb. 14

Dr. Matt Hollist will share his approach to cardiovascular health using some of the latest nutritional science. Tune in for specifics on diet, supplementation and several other factors that you can control to promote sound circulatory health.

Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Jay Vanden Heuvel, Ph.D., IMD, DHS

Bitter's Better: Six Bitter Alkaloids for Better Living

Wednesday, Feb. 15

This innovative presentation will help you utilize bitters to dramatically improve your health. Get the latest science on taste bud receptors throughout the body and how they affect not only your digestive health but every body system. After this Webinar you will want more bitters in your herbal program, and Dr. Jay does not disappoint!

Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Silvia Rogers

A Closer Look at Viruses in the News

Thursday, Feb. 16

This third-party presentation will discuss all of the viruses that made the news in the last few years. Most medical approaches don't have a solid track record. Discover information on how you can strengthen your immune and intestinal systems naturally.

Webinar Slides 2-up (PDF)

Steven Horne

The Power of Proteins: Strong Building Blocks for a Healthier Body

Friday, Feb. 17

Join the legendary Steven Horne as he discusses powerful proteins and how they work in the body. Examine the amino acid profile of various protein sources (vegetable, soy, and whey) and discover their unique health benefits for you and your customers.

Webinar Slides 2-up (PDF)

Laurence Smith

Feeling Rundown? Fight Fatigue and Muscle Discomfort

Monday, Feb. 20

When muscles are tired or sore, ordinary movements can become extraordinarily difficult. Laurence Smith provides insight on nutritional ways to support muscle health and strength.

Webinar Slides 2-up (PDF)

October 2016

Sylvia Rogers

Reboot Immunity with Powerful Tonic Beverages

The drinks are on us! In this enlightening webinar, NSP favorite Sylvia Rogers will offer a rundown of her favorite tonics. See how Thai-Go®, Nature's Noni Juice and other herbal beverages and cocktails can jumpstart your immune system and have you running smoothly, in control and ready to party!

Recorded Webinar |Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Steven Horne

Return to Center: Natural Remedies for Emotional Balance

As the holiday season approaches, we often find ourselves anxious, stressed and out of balance. Learn from holistic expert Steven Horne as he shares various herbs, aromatherapy and natural blends that will help keep you centered, happy and stress-free. Share these tips and products with your clients and customers!

Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Dr. Matt Hollist

Your Cold Weather Survival Kit

As the seasons change, so does our air, and the onslaught of unwanted invaders in our environment seems to grow. Lucky for us, nature has provided a variety of ways to fight back. Join Dr. Matt Hollist to see what works best to slow enemy advances and learn how to strike back when they attack! Includes training on immune system herbs, Silver Shield®, probiotics, plus Authentic Essential Oils and more!

Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel

Threads of Life: Improving Circulation

Your circulatory system is often called the threads of life. This delicate system delivers nutrients, vitality and life to every part of the body. Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel will help you and your members discover how to ensure that this critical system gets the love it deserves through proper nutrition and natural support.

Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Pat Adams

Mysteries of the Immune System

Any time there is a change of season, there are immune challenges; sniffles in the Fall, allergies in the Spring, lung /lower respiratory in the Winter, and sinus /upper respiratory in the Summer. Most people are looking for a way to boost their immune system.

  • But what if they need to stop boosting their immune system?
  • What if they have a medical diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder?
  • What if their immune system is already attacking healthy tissues?

To understand these challenges, and what appropriate-intervention is, it is important to understand the basics of how the immune system is supposed to function.

Recorded Webinar |Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF) | Mysteries of the Immune System (PDF)

Cindy Klement

Reversing the Curse of Metabolic Syndrome…One Person at a Time

IN.FORM isn't just for groups anymore. More and more practitioners and consultants are finding a tremendous amount of success offering their clients the IN.FORM program and its cutting-edge products. Hear from professor and natural health expert Cindy Klement as she shares the lowdown on one-on-one IN.FORM service.

Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

The Best Offense Is a Good Defense: Strengthening Your Immune System

by Steven Horne, AHG

Fall is upon us, and like leaves that ebb from green to gold, brilliant orange or fiery red, many people notice that their bodies react to environmental changes and temperatures. It's time to bolster the immune system and help others do the same!

Mother Nature generously provides powerful immune system support in a variety of forms. Join Steven Horne for an in-depth look at how to defend yourself and your family this season. Learn what steps you can take to strengthen your immune system confidently. Share this knowledge with your group members and customers so we can ALL enjoy this magnificent, colorful autumn.

Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Path to Prosperity: Mindset + Skill Set = Success

Whether you've been part of Nature's Sunshine for 15 days or 15 years, you are perfectly poised to make 2016 your breakthrough year. Learn about the tools and programs that will help your NSP business thrive. Then dive into business development and sales skills that will boost your confidence and allow you to convert people from samplers into users and users into leaders. This can't-miss webinar is for anyone ready to take his or her NSP business to the next level!

Recording coming soon.

"Scent"-sational Sales with Essential Oils

If you are looking for a "spark" to ignite your NSP business, look no further than Authentic Essential oils. Essential can make a powerful impact on your retail space because they are trendy, experiential and fun! Here from Authentic Oil guru Sylvia Rogers as she shares best practices, retail expertise and new ways to leverage the power of oils for your business!

Featured Presenter: Sylvia Rogers

Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Looks Matter…a LOT

Retailers or anyone with a store front or display space will want to tune into this "store makeover" special. Your space design, layout and appearance can make ALL the difference. Learn from proven NSP retailers how to make small changes that will make a BIG impact on your customer experience, brand identity and most important, your bottom line.

Featured Presenter: Judy Pladna

Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

The Power of IN.FORM: A Proven Path for Prosperity

Since national convention, thousands of people have joined the IN.FORM program and hundreds have certified as new coaches. The IN.FORM REVOLUTION is rolling, clearly paving a path for success. See the tools, resources and programs already in place to help you grow an IN.FORM business. Learn the power of the testimonial and how to attract new people to this proven, transformative program. It's not too late to hop on this express train to success!

Recording coming soon.

The School of Natural Health: NSP's Next Generation of Education

Nature's Sunshine has deep roots in natural health education. For decades, we have offered powerful and responsible training in the field of herbs, natural products, holistic health and more. Learn what the future of NSP education will offer, including how to leverage events, newly launched essential oil certifications, product webinars and a yet-to-be-announced third-party institute that will take your NSP business to soaring new heights. Prepare to BREAK THROUGH in 2016!

Featured Presenter: Ray Lambert

Recording coming soon.

Rhonda Dial

For Adults Only: Improve Your Love Life Naturally

Master Teacher Rhonda Dial will teach how in every adult body, reproductive hormones exist in a delicate harmony. With age, hormone production naturally declines, and these powerful chemicals can easily get out of balance as men's and women's abilities to regulate critical hormones can become compromised. This often results in lack of libido, along with intimacy and performance problems. Millions of people suffer in silence or turn to dangerous chemicals for help. Don't let your love life suffer! Mother Nature has provided wonderful help for both men and women seeking assistance with intimacy issues. Learn how to feel your best and keep that twinkle in your eye at any age!

Watch Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Sylvia Rogers and Brandi Rainey

10 Little Bottles Mean Big Business: Getting the Most from Your Authentic Essentials Kit

You have your Authentic Essential Oils Kit, or you are thinking about getting one. But do you know what to DO with it? Where to start? Sharing essential oils can be simple, fun and extremely rewarding (physically, emotionally and financially) to both your customers and you. Sylvia Rogers and Brandi Rainey share their tips for a successful workshop that includes, planning, execution and follow-up.

Watch Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Dr. Joe Lamb

The Inside/Out of IN.FORM: The science and physiology and behind the world's best metabolic program.

So you've lost weight with IN.FORM and you want a dependable system to keep it off or to lose even more weight. Dr. Joseph Lamb will walk you through the science that led to Nature's Sunshine's amazing product breakthrough for metabolic age support, including weight loss, heart health and blood sugar support, plus increased microbiome health and vitality. See the clinical study results for yourself, and learn how to maintain your IN.FORM success with unbeatable nutrition. Don't just survive…thrive!

Watch Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel

It Takes a Lot of Guts to Be Super Healthy: How to Have a Super-biome

Major scientific sources are finally recognizing what natural healers have known all along: the gut is the center of your health universe. In this can't-miss session with Jay Vanden Heuvel, Ph.D., IMD., DHS, you'll learn the protocols and products that will transform your semi-measly biome into a "super-biome" by discovering the what, when and how of perfect probiotic support. No guts, no glory…don't miss Dr. Jay!

Watch Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Steven Horne

What's Your Element? Don't Leave Choosing Chinese Formulas to Chance…

Steven Horne will host What's Your Element?, a spoof on old-fashioned TV interview shows that provides a fun new way to help people share the correct Chinese herbs with anyone. His unique characters help paint a clear picture of what each of the five Chinese elements do in the body. Meet Rose Woods, Crystal Burns, Flo Waters and other personalities in this informative new foray into Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now working with TCM products is a snap!

Watch Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Cindy Klement

Better Breathers Club: Rescuing and Rebuilding Your Respiratory System

Breathe in…and exhale…. It's funny how we take for granted something as vital to life as breathing. Natural health expert and professional instructor Cindy Klement will provide in-depth training on how you can become a better breather and why that's important to your overall health. If you have friends, family members or clients with respiratory concerns, tune in for this informational webinar…and start breathing easy about your health.

Watch Recorded Webinar | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)


Today's biggest health issues - obesity and cardio-metabolic concerns - are on the rise. Despite the trillions of dollars being spent to combat these problems, they continue to grow at terrifying rates. The world is in need of a solution. The world is in need of a REVOLUTION!

Nature's Sunshine released the findings of a brand new clinical study that was scientifically proven to reverse the effects of metabolic dysfunction. Study participants experienced 56% more weight loss, 65% more fat loss, 125% greater reduction in blood pressure and 80% reduction in LDL "bad" cholesterol than a control group that used diet alone.

Leading Edge Scientific Health Breakthrough!

NSP's new revolutionary solution for today's biggest health concern.

Business Breakthrough! Join the REVOLUTION

What the New Metabolic Support System means to NSP members.

Sylvia Rogers

Going Green: Safe, Earth-Smart Alternatives for Your Home and Family Using NSP Authentic Essential Oils and More

Tune in to learn all kinds of quick and simple ways to use NSP Authentic Essential Oils to make your own room fresheners, backyard sprays, kitchen and bathroom scrubs, and laundry detergent. Reduce your family's exposure to chemicals with these earth-friendly recipes. Then share them with your group members so they can experience the same joyful aromas.

Webinar Recording > | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF) | Going Green Recipes (PDF)

Steven Horne

The Skinny on Snot

Enjoy a unique look at the respiratory system, including various types of mucus. Discover which NSP products and foods/dietary recommendations can help to restore balance to this sometimes-snotty system.

Webinar Recording > | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF) | Webinar Product Key (PDF)

Cindy Klement

Is Pain Kickin' Your Butt?

Just as Carly Simon sang so beautifully in the 70s, NONE of us has time for the pain. Learn which natural supplements enable to the body to better cope with pain when it occurs.

Webinar Recording > | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel

What the Health, Where Do I Start?

So you (or someone you know) really wants to get healthier but isn't sure where to begin. This Webinar is for you (or him or her)! Dr. Jay presents foundational ideas for getting back to the basics of health.

Webinar Recording > | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Laurence Smith

Hands on Uses: Make Your Own Salves, Ointments, Creams and Lotions

Join Laurence Smith for a full demonstration on how to make effective salves, ointments, creams and lotions featuring NSP products. See how these natural products can be used topically to support your health from the outside in!

Webinar Recording > | Webinar Slides 3-up (PDF)

Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel,
Angela Lowther,
Steven Horne

Ask the Experts (panel of herbal gurus)

Join us LIVE for a first-ever, interactive question-and-answer session with three NSP manager experts. Get your health questions addressed, and gather tips and tricks that you can share in your own business.

Webinar Recording >

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