Today’s biggest health issues - obesity and cardio-metabolic concerns - are on the rise. Despite the trillions of dollars being spent to combat these problems, they continue to grow at terrifying rates. The world is in need of a solution. The world is in need of a REVOLUTION!

Nature’s Sunshine released the findings of a brand new clinical study that was scientifically proven to reverse the effects of metabolic dysfunction. Study participants experienced 56% more weight loss, 65% more fat loss, 125% greater reduction in blood pressure and 80% reduction in LDL “bad” cholesterol than a control group that used diet alone.

Leading Edge Scientific Health Breakthrough!

NSP’s new revolutionary solution for today’s biggest health concern.

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What the New Metabolic Support System means to NSP members.

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Sylvia Rogers

Going Green: Safe, Earth-Smart Alternatives for Your Home and Family Using NSP Authentic Essential Oils and More

Tune in to learn all kinds of quick and simple ways to use NSP Authentic Essential Oils to make your own room fresheners, backyard sprays, kitchen and bathroom scrubs, and laundry detergent. Reduce your family's exposure to chemicals with these earth-friendly recipes. Then share them with your group members so they can experience the same joyful aromas.

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Steven Horne

The Skinny on Snot

Enjoy a unique look at the respiratory system, including various types of mucus. Discover which NSP products and foods/dietary recommendations can help to restore balance to this sometimes-snotty system.

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Cindy Klement

Is Pain Kickin' Your Butt?

Just as Carly Simon sang so beautifully in the 70s, NONE of us has time for the pain. Learn which natural supplements enable to the body to better cope with pain when it occurs.

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Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel

What the Health, Where Do I Start?

So you (or someone you know) really wants to get healthier but isn't sure where to begin. This Webinar is for you (or him or her)! Dr. Jay presents foundational ideas for getting back to the basics of health.

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Laurence Smith

Hands on Uses: Make Your Own Salves, Ointments, Creams and Lotions

Join Laurence Smith for a full demonstration on how to make effective salves, ointments, creams and lotions featuring NSP products. See how these natural products can be used topically to support your health from the outside in!

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Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel,
Angela Lowther,
Steven Horne

Ask the Experts (panel of herbal gurus)

Join us LIVE for a first-ever, interactive question-and-answer session with three NSP manager experts. Get your health questions addressed, and gather tips and tricks that you can share in your own business.

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