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2 simple steps to signing up with a Sunshine Rewards order

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Sponsor Information ?

You must have a Sponsor to become a Member

The person who told you about Nature's Sunshine may have provided you with his or her Sponsor Number. This number may be something that is included on a business card, a magazine or told to you directly. If you don't have this number, please contact the person who talked to you about Nature's Sunshine Products.

Don't have a Sponsor?

If you don't already have a Sponsor, click the "Pick a Sponsor" link below to see a list of sponsors near you. Your sponsor can give you health advice, and will help you build your Nature's Sunshine business (optional).

If you choose, you may request that we don't provide your contact information to your sponsor.


Select "Yes" if you'd like to receive health or business advice from your Sponsor.

Select "No" if you don't know your Sponsor and do not want him or her to contact you.

Account Information

This PIN will be required to sign in at Sign in to order product, check account information or access business-building information and resources.

Wholesale Customer: Choose this option if you are simply interested in buying products at Wholesale/Direct cost.

Classic: Choose NSP's Classic Membership if you wish to be an NSP customer, you are or would like to become a part or full-time health consultant, or you desire to manage an herb shop or other retail option.

Legacy: Choose NSP's Legacy Membership if you simply wish to be an NSP customer or may sponsor others as NSP Members and create a business network.

Personal Information

Not required. Used for tax purposes only.

Contact Information

Order confirmations and important account notices will be sent to this e-mail address.

"Yes" - You would like to receive important product discounts via email.

"No" - You do not want to receive product discount and other information via email.

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Promotion mailings and rebate checks will be sent to this address.

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Your orders will be shipped to this address.

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