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Weekly Specials

This Week's Special Offers:

LBS II, Ionic Minerals, Aloe Vera Juice and Noni caps

June 26–July 3 only

Another week, another set of terrific products on sale. Order by July 3 to save up to 18% off regular prices.

  • LBS II® Vegitabs features cascara sagrada, buckthorn bark, turkey rhubarb root and other herbs to provide support for lower bowel health and to help maintain bowel regularity.
  • Ionic Minerals with Açai provides 70 charged trace minerals that can be absorbed easily and quickly. The body uses trace minerals in a host of functions, including nutrient transport, enzyme reactions and immune system support.
  • Aloe Vera Juice. The gel from the filleted leaves of the succulent aloe vera plant is used internally for its soothing properties. It may help soothe both the digestive and intestinal tracts. Aloe nutritionally benefits the intestinal system.
  • Nature's Noni (in capsules) contains unique phytonutrients and antioxidants that may help nourish the body's cells and help fight free radical damage. The noni plant supports a multitude of body systems, including digestive, structural and immune. For some people, capsules may be easier to take than the juice.

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Monthly Specials

SAVE up to 25% on Probiotics this Month!

June 1-30

All throughout June, save up to 25% on FIVE of our probiotic formulas: NutriBiome® Eleven Elevated, Probiotic Eleven, NutriBiome Bacillus Coagulans, Bifidophilus Flora Force® and Acidophilus. These products play a key role in supporting intestinal and immune health as they help replenish the microbiome flora. Save 15% on selected essential oils too, including Organic Lavender, Essential Shield blend and Roman Chamomile.

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IN.FORM System


When compared with published studies on many popular, brand-name weight loss programs, the IN.FORM program outperformed each and EVERY ONE.

A groundbreaking new study revealed at Convention confirms that Nature's Sunshine's new Metabolic Age Support System can make a remarkable impact. This clinical study showed that adding IN.FORM to a strict low-carb, high-protein meal plan delivered...

  • 56% more weight loss
  • 65% more fat loss
  • 125% greater reduction in systolic blood pressure
  • 80% greater reduction in 'bad' cholesterol

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Business Promotions

3 Brand New Marketing Tools!

Nature's Sunshine wants to provide YOU with the BEST tools in the world to help you build your NSP business! Introducing 3 brand new tools to help you LEARN, SHARE & GROW! Learn more

Rise & Shine


It’s time to RISE & SHINE! Building your business has never been more rewarding! Now through June 30, you can earn an additional $20 cash bonus when new sign-ups place a SmartStart order (100QV+)! That’s in addition to the 30-40% SmartStart bonus you already earn! Details

Quarterly Bonus

Earn a Bonus Caribbean Cruise through I-Inspire!

We want to send you on a Caribbean cruise! In celebration of our 45th-anniversary year, we're sending five lucky winners to the Caribbean! And our Q2 Quarterly I-Inspire Bonus second quarter promotion gives you a chance to win! Learn more.

I-Inspire Double Points

Earn 50% Bonus I-Inspire Points in June for Manager Breakouts and IN.FORM Groups!

Boost your I-Inspire qualifications this month with bonus points!

Your Business-Building Action Points Earned in June
New first-level Manager breakout 75
Run your first 3 qualified IN.FORM groups (5 or more participants) as a certified IN.FORM Coach 75/group
FIRST GROUP BONUS - Run your first qualified IN.FORM group 150 bonus
Run additional qualified IN.FORM groups AFTER your first 3 groups 150/group
Be the upline Manager to a new first-level IN.FORM Coach who runs his/her first qualified IN.FORM group 112 bonus
For each additional qualified group that your first-level IN.FORM Coach runs 75/group

INFORM Coaches Promotion

Special offer for sponsors of New IN.FORM Coaches—
Help people certify and start a group. Earn $100!

IN.FORM coaches help people look better, feel better, lower their metabolic age and change their habits in pursuit of a healthier, happier lifestyle. The more IN.FORM coaches there are, the more good we can do helping others get on the path to better health and wellness through this proven, clinically studied system and all that Nature's Sunshine has to offer.

When one of your managers or members certifies now through June 30 and then starts a new IN.FORM group within 60 days, you—the sponsor/finder—will get $100 cash! (Limit one bonus per new coach)

Show them how to get certified using our online platform or by attending a certification session. Then encourage them to dive in and start a qualified* group of at least five participants within 60 days of certifying. Nature's Sunshine will add a $100 bonus to your monthly bonus check/deposit for each of your group members who does this!


  1. When a new or existing member of Nature's Sunshine certifies via live meeting or online certification, he/she is deemed a "New Coach." Must certify between March 1 – June 30, 2017.
  2. The New Coach must start a qualified IN.FORM group within 60 days of his/her certification date.
  3. To qualify, a group must have at least 5 new members, and the New Coach must submit a group photo to the IN.FORM Coaches portal within 60 days of certification.
  4. Finder/sponsor earns $100 bonus for the first group each new coach starts within 60 days of certification. Limit one bonus per new coach.
  5. The Qualified group start date must be within 60 days of the "certification date" to be eligible.

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