System Upgrade Details

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Over the past two and half years, Nature’s Sunshine has been working on the largest infrastructure project in our 45-year history—the global integration and upgrading of all computer systems. This has required tremendous effort from all departments of our company, and for the most part, this conversion will be invisible to you. You’ll be able to place orders, receive product and earn benefits and commissions as you always have.

To successfully complete this conversion, all Nature’s Sunshine systems—including the website--will be down temporarily from the close of the business day on Friday March 31, 2017 until noon on Monday April 3rd. Call Center orders will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. and Website orders will be accepted until 6:00 p.m. (Mountain Daylight Time) on Friday. We have carefully planned this conversion to minimize the disruption to your business. While we apologize for any inconvenience this downtime may cause, we encourage you to coordinate with your downlines and plan your own ordering to ensure that your March QV qualifications are met before the conversion occurs.

This project has been a monumental undertaking, and we appreciate the phenomenal efforts of our employees around the world in planning, developing and testing our new system. We are confident that this vital infrastructure will enable us to continue to be an industry leader long after our 45th anniversary!

Thank you for your patience in this transition.


Important details for: MyNSP Subscribers | NSP Tools App Subscribers
Sunshine Rewards, April 1-6 ship date customers |?sponsor= feature 


Q: How does the new computer system benefit me as a distributor?

A: Our upgraded computer systems will give us increased flexibility in managing business functions such as promotions and discounts. Watch for these new features this coming summer. Additionally, the new systems will provide greater insight into your business operations, meaning that we’ll have better reporting and analysis of your business activities. In other words, we’ll be able to give you more and better information to help you build your business faster than ever.

Q: Will this new system change the way I do business? 

A: No. You will be able to place orders, receive product, and earn bonuses and commissions as you always have. As implementing the new system will standardize our processes, some countries will have slight changes to the sign-up and renewal requirements, but you are free to continue building your business in the way that best suits your abilities and circumstances.

Q: What will change with this new system?

A: As of April 3, 2017, every Nature’s Sunshine distributor will receive a new, unique account number. In addition, distributors who use the website will have to set up a new username and password for their account. You will automatically be prompted to do this when you visit the Nature’s Sunshine website and attempt to log in.

Q: What if I don’t use the website?

A: Don’t worry. The first time you have a conversation with an Order Sales or Customer Service representative, he/she will give you your new account number.

Q: Why do I need a new account number?

A: Our new system will place all Nature’s Sunshine accounts on a single, global platform for all of our business operations. Currently, some account numbers are duplicated in multiple markets, meaning multiple people have the same account number. By establishing new account numbers for all distributors, we can ensure that each account is unique and avoid confusion from market to market. Also, allowing unique user names/passwords is much more user-friendly than the “account number/PIN” method we currently use, and it will be more intuitive and easily adopted by new members. Additionally, unique account numbers across all markets will make international sponsoring much easier!

Q: What if I like my old account number?

A: While you are free to set up your new username as your old account number, it will be on a first come, first served basis as each username must be unique from all others in every country. Additionally, you will be able to use your old account number for a few months following the transition; however, your bonus statements and login screens will list your new number.

Q: How does the new system affect ordering?

A: The ordering process will work much like it always has, however, some product packages and promotional kits may receive a new ordering number. Order Sales representatives will inform you of these changes should you order a package or kit that has been affected by this change.

Q: Will this change anything else?

A: Your bonus statement will look slightly different. With a new global standard, you may notice some minor formatting changes. Don’t worry, all the information you need will still be there!

Important Information for Special Groups

MyNSP Subscribers

MyNSP will also be unavailable from the 5:00 p.m. (MDT) on March 31 until noon on April 3.

Starting at noon on April 3rd, please sign in to to create your username and password.  Then, sign in to MyNSP using your new username and password.  All tools and reports will work as they have in the past.

NSP Tools App Users

Starting at noon on April 3rd, please sign in to to create your username and password.  Then, sign out of the NSP Tools App and sign back in again using your new username and password.  All features and functionality will remain the same.

Sunshine Rewards Customers with an April 1-6 Ship Date

All autoship deliveries scheduled for April 1-6 will be held and fulfilled on the 7th. Normal schedules will resume in May.

Members and Managers who use ?sponsor=account#

This feature will continue to work using your old account number.  HOWEVER, please start using this new method when using your new account number. Feature details.

New Method: ?upline=NewAccountNumber