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Combat Stress and Anxiety!

Stress interferes with sleep, energy levels, immune function, sexual performance, relationships and coping abilities. It can aggravate brain fog, reduce awareness and weaken motivation.

Ashwagandha is clinically shown to support normal-range cortisol (a stress hormone from the adrenal gland), which improves stress response and
reduces anxiety! It promotes homeostasis and overall well-being.

Clinical studies
show that


supports cognition
and memory!

Awaken the Mind + Body Connection

Unique Adaptogenic Blend

with standardized extracts of ashwagandha root, bacopa leaf and rhodiola fruit, plus schisandra fruit. Adaptogens improve your body’s natural ability to ADAPT to environmental factors.

Support Your MIND

  • Support your stress response
  • Support mental health and well-being
  • Enjoy a sharper mind-body connection
  • Helps support cognitive performance in aging

Build Your BODY

  • Support physical performance,
    endurance and wellness
  • Decrease physical fatigue
  • Support muscle strength


  • Immune system support
  • Nervous system support
Studies show that


improves VO2 max!

Amazing Adaptogens

The central nervous system (CNS) is constantly impacted by emotional and environmental stressors. This formula combines plants scientifically shown to help improve CNS function.
Adaptogens are linked to the hypothalamus–pituitary–adrenal axis, which helps the body react to repeated stress and adaptation and supports a healthy mind-body connection.
Nature’s Sunshine


  • Supports physical performance, endurance and wellness
  • VO2 max is a measure of the aerobic endurance of a person. It represents functional health of the combined cardiovascular, pulmonary and skeletal muscle systems.
  • Is traditionally used to support adrenal function and decrease physical fatigue
  • Supports the immune system
  • Helps stabilize the long-term stress response
  • Helps improve resistance towards stress and anxiety
  • Helps sharpen the mind-body connection
  • Is traditionally used to support mental health
  • Helps support cognitive performance in aging

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