Upload Your List

This tool will allow you to import a large order directly to your Shopping Cart.

Note: You will be notified if one or more of your products in your list is currently on special.

Learn how this tool works.

Using any spreadsheet program, simply enter the NSP stock number (example: 4095-1) in the first column and the quantity in the second column and save it as a comma-delimited file (.csv).

Use the "Choose File" button below page to locate the file on your computer, then click the "add to cart" button to process your file and add the products to your Shopping Cart.

Don't have Excel?

You can also use Notepad to create a simple text file (.txt) in the following format:

stock number, quantity
stock number, quantity
stock number, quantity

Make sure to add each stock number and quantity on its own line.

Your order would look something like this (stock number, quantity):


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