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The Herbal Experts

Nature’s Sunshine’s highly trained herbal experts apply the very best of naturopathic traditions enhanced with the latest scientific findings to offer unparalleled holistic health solutions. To accomplish this, our experts place you at the center of their efforts, informed by your insights, to create uniquely effective health regimens that have proven to enhance millions of lives over decades. As a trusted provider of personal health for almost 50 years, we deliver real wellness solutions that are born in the wild, proven in the lab, and validated by real people like you every day.

our founders discovered how a simple herb could heal a nagging health issue they became devoted to sharing the healing power of nature with everyone and established Nature’s Sunshine in 1972.

Exploration & Discovery

At Nature’s Sunshine, we believe that everyone has unique needs. Family history, lifestyle, diet, and environment all contribute to our overall health. Therefore, our nutrition must be personalized to be effective. This belief has driven us to explore and discover hundreds of natural health solutions in the furthest regions of the globe. Along the way, we’ve partnered with some of the best naturopathic practitioners, herbalists, and nutritionists who have helped develop many of our almost 600 products that are some of the most powerful and effective products available.

A Legacy of Healing and Hope

As the company and its healing legacy grew, Nature’s Sunshine fought for personal health freedoms, promoted fair trade for our farmers, and worked to protect the purity of our natural resources. As from the beginning, we exist to match nature’s incredible healing power with individual needs and to do everything we can to protect this precious ecosystem we call Earth.

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Natural healers have known for centuries that the best health is achieved through a personalized approach.

Feel the Power

At Nature’s Sunshine, we understand that nature’s beauty and power energizes our lives. We’ve seen and heard thousands of remarkable stories of how people have used the power of nature to transform their lives. These incredible stories inspire us to share the healing power of nature with passion and conviction with everyone we meet. Millions have benefitted from our herbal expertise and I invite you to experience the best version of yourself through Nature’s Sunshine and then share the experience with others. With a little focus and dedication, we can bring more years to your life and add more life to each and every year.

Chief Executive Officer,
Nature’s Sunshine